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I'm Miia, a Finnish born and raised, now Melbourne based photographer and content creator.

I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through visual storytelling. As a kid I spent hours and hours doodling all over old newspapers and whatever corners of important documents I could get my hands on (sorry, mum and dad). Ever since I started playing around with my dad’s old Olympus, this visual creativity gradually shifted from drawing into photography and I became that friend always snapping photos for memories at group events. Blogging for years taught me a lot about my personal style in photography and eventually I realized I enjoy being behind the camera more in front of it. I started shooting my travels and friends, which has now lead to studying photography at RMIT University in Melbourne, as well as shooting for brands and clients of all sorts.

I love the sound of the ocean, the vivid colours of sunsets and the taste of the first sip of coffee in the morning.

Let’s create together.

xx Miia