my trip to Berlin


Oh Berlin! Where to start? I guess I didn't quite expect to fall in love with you as fiercely as I did. I didn't expect to see so much beauty, so much greenery, so many cute vintage shops and cafes and ultimate hipster vibes... yes, I'm sold!

The purpose behind the trip was to meet up with my lovely friend Louisa, who I hadn't seen in four months since she left Melbourne to return to France. Obviously we had so much to catch up on, and it felt so great to be able to talk face to face again instead of our many hour long calls over the phone.

One of the best things in travelling is, of course, all the awesome food you'll get to try. And Berlin has heaps. We tried so many places and weren't disappointed once! Here's a list of a few favourites that are a simple must in when in the city:


A super nice breakfast place if you're after healthy and nutritious food and good coffee! Everything we tried was insanely tasty.

Cafe Neue Liebe

AMAZING waffles! Like seriously amazing. Coffe was good too! They also do heaps of vegan pastries like apple pie and croissants. Bonus points for a super cute and cozy outdoor terrace.

Hummus & Friends

Probably the best dinner I've had all summer! We literally skipped the talking and smashed our dinner in complete silence and the occasional "OMG" when tasting something new. We ordered a plate of hommus, pita bread, a baked eggplant and a whole roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce. 

Yellow Sunshine Burger

If you're up to super duper tasty vegan burgers, look no further. One of the best ones I've ever had in my life.


If you love artsy magazines and books, don't miss SODA BERLIN and Do You Read Me? I wish I'd had space in my luggage to buy something to take home! Next time I'll know to come prepared.

We did so many things during our three days in the city! Can't wait to be back here again one day.