Paris photo diary

After a weekend in a little village in Alsace, Louisa and I headed back to Strasbourg to catch a train to Paris. After two hours, our train rolled onto a platform at Gare de l'Est. I couldn't believe it: there we were, in Paris together like we'd talked about all year in Melbourne. It's completely insane sometimes, the ways life leads you.

We headed up to Montmartre to our little Airbnb, which was a complete dream! Sure, the shoebox of an apartment was hot and humid like a rainforest and the toilet wouldn't flush without some aggressive pounding of the wall above it, but it was just sooo beautiful. I said to Louisa: this is what my apartment will look like when I have one, in whatever city in the world that may be.

Obviously, being the kind of creative minds as we are, we also had to have a photoshoot in the apartment. After getting a confirmation from our lovely host that this was OK, I grabbed my camera and we played around in the apartment for a solid hour looking for the best light and corner to capture the spirit of the beautiful space. 

During our trip we (obviously) also enjoyed some really yummy food (Cloud Cakes and Love Juice Bar, get on it guys if you're ever in Paris!). We had a picnic almost at the Eiffel Tower, after searching for a free spot in the grass for an hour in the heat. We walked until our feet were sore, we sat in little bistros talking for hours, did some shopping, had baguette after baguette, visited an art show, saw a sunset over Sacre Coeur... and more than anything, felt refreshed and inspired to return to our normal lives waiting for us at home.