Denimsmith: conscious denim in Melbourne


On a very cold winter Monday morning I fearlessly dress up in a warm scarf and my fluffiest coat, and make my way through the busy streets of Melbourne to Brunswick East. A tucked away warehouse on the quiet end of the street is the factory and store of Denimsmith, a local denim brand dedicated to local and handmade clothes and concsious practises. I’m early for my meeting and after ringing the bell on the door, I’m greeted with a warm smile by one of the factory workers. He ushers me inside and we exchange a few words of the cold outside and how lucky we are to live in a country where the winter months are short (and that’s coming from someone who spent 19 years of her life in Finland. Trust me, I know what real winter feels like).

My tour at Denimsmith started with having a look at where the design team meets. From the office we continued on to the factory, where the pattern making and cutting happens. Seriously, you’d never even realize without seeing it with your own eyes how many different stages there is to making a pair of denim. From cutting and sewing the production continues on when a label is put in place at the back of the jeans and the buttons are put in place.

A lot of factories, especially ones that produce low cost fast fashion, have replaced at least a part of their workers with machines. Sure it helps to produce lots of garments in a very short amount of time, but with our world in the state that it currently is, is that something we should be aiming for? Handmade clothing has such a special feel to it, and when you buy from an ethical brand you know exactly where your money is going and that all the workers get paid a fair rate.

These people are seriously talented at what they do. I couldn’t even fathom sewing a full pair of jeans, not to mention making sure every single pair is impeccable and that the quality always stays the same. It’s amazing to see these people at their work: you really do look at the jeans you own with brand new eyes. How many pairs of hands touched these before they made their way to the store?

From pattern making, to cutting, to sewing, to the smallest details like buttons and the label at the back, everything at Denimsmith is made by hand and the quality of every pair of jeans is strictly supervised.

Thank you Denismith for taking me to see your behind the scenes! If I need a new quality pair of conscious denim in the future, I know where to head to x